Promotion of Tesla Stocks and Sales in South Korea

In 2020, Tesla (tesla stock) has exported about 139,300 cars in the first three months of the year, it was a lot more than the expected sales by the financial analysts. According to them, the total sales were roughly expected to be about 128,950 cars. It was 5000 more than expected, which was a great improvement in the sales of Tesla.

In Korea, Tesla has been growing gradually due to the launch of Model 3, which was a highly distributed car this year.

In Korea, the automobile distributor imports and exports BMW, Mercedes, Mini, Audi, Volkswagen. The BMW’s total sale was up to 41,773 and the sales of Mercedes were up to 53,571. Independently, Tesla has crossed the record this year which reached the sale of 10,518 Tesla cars, without being a member of KAIDA.

Tesla is the fourth-largest car brand to import and export in South Korea in the past few months.

In the first trading session of 2021, Tesla shares have increased very high. As its sales arose very high, Tesla became the world’s most productive carmaker. In 2020, the chief executive officer of Tesla, Elon Musk had set a target of selling half-million cars. The target remained incomplete by 450 units, but also it has beaten up the record of annual vehicle deliveries.

Tesla has updated its sales on the internet, which is about $104 million from the month of April to June. The sales of Tesla were boosted by the electric automobile credits from the various automakers. In the second quarter of the year, the Stocks of Tesla cars have been raised a lot. It has also delivered 90,650 automobiles, because of the newly launched Model SUV in the U.S and China.

Tesla stocks were reducing continuously when a problem arose with the electric cars. Then people started avoiding the stocks of Tesla sales. This was all about the past stock value in the stock market, but in today’s stock market the situation has been completely changed. Now, the stocks of Tesla have been raised comparatively high. The overall condition of Tesla in the stock market has been improved from the situations in the time of Tesla’s electric cars.

These achievements of Tesla in the stock market have made it one of the best companies.


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