Mars Wrigley Chocolate Bar Launching Your individual Associate’s program

Fan favorites M&M’S® Brand Crispy Chocolate Candies and SNICKERS® Xtreme Bar will be a part of newcomers three MUSKETEERS® Mint Bites, COMBOS® Baked Snacks in two sweet and salty flavors, DOVE® Whole Fruit Dipped In Dark Chocolate, TWIX® Creamy Peanut Butter Cookie Bars and festive seasonal shapes. SNICKERS® Xtreme Bar lives as much as its name, with 50 % more caramel and 14 percent more peanuts than the unique SNICKERS® Bar. COMBOS® Baked Snacks Sweet & Salty Caramel Creme Pretzel delivers the nostalgic taste of caramel creme candy and a salty pretzel crunch. For those of us participating in Veganuary, Magnum Ice Cream unveils a new vegan Sea Salt Caramel flavor, and it sounds scrumptious. There are several kinds of chocolate-themed checks to select from, and each is more mouthwatering delicious than the one before it.

Seasonal confectionery sales increase as customers have fun the holidays with their favorite brands in themed packaging and shapes. Rick LaBerge, Vice President of Sales for Mars Chocolate North America. Displays assist drive gross sales 12 months-round, as 83 % of all sweet chocolate purchases are on impulse, keeping with the 2012 Candy Category Report by Point of Purchase Advertising International. To get shoppers into seasonal moods, Mars Wrigley leans on progressive merchandising shows and pack choices. LaBerge notes that holidays are the proper time to add shippers and different know more secondary shows around the shop. Mars Wrigley is offering a chocolate bar in paper-based mostly packaging for the first time and together with its retail associate Edeka Minden-Hannover. For this resolution to develop into a reality, Mars Wrigley needed to develop and check a paper-based stream wrap for single bars and multipacks.

Over several months, Mars Wrigley and Syntegon examined completely different paper variants from completely different suppliers. The use of the latest materials similar to paper or recycled plastic is intended to cut back the consumption of virgin plastics by 25 p.c. The 2015 moments include Super Bowl, NASCAR, M&M’S® Brand Movie Mania, and Road Trip. M&M’S® Brand Crispy Chocolate Candies, a limited version in 1998, characteristic a novel, crispy center coated in creamy milk chocolate, enclosed in a colorful candy shell. Shapes embody TWIX® Brand Ghosts, Santas, Hearts, Eggs, and SNICKERS®, Brand Pumpkins, Nutcrackers, Hearts, and Eggs. TWIX® Creamy Peanut Butter Cookie Bars unite a layer of savory peanut butter on a classic TWIX® Cookie Bar, all coated with delicious milk chocolate.